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Are you looking for an beta reader for your manuscript?

I love reading, I’m a book collector and I own 5,000 books in my home.I’m a writer and an author myself, I understand what it’s like to be rejected by publishers for a story you worked so hard to create. I use to be a book blogger for four years before, here are some of my reviews on my previous website.

One of the mistakes a author does is submit their manuscript to an editor or publish without sharing their story to a someone who actually reads. An editor will edit primarily, but a beta reader will actually have a different set of eyes when they read your manuscript. It’s your manuscript, you love your baby! Yet, you may overlook some of your writing mistakes, I can help catch those. Beta readers, like myself, do not just look at the editing that needs to be done. We look at the overall, big picture. I can provide constructive criticism and extensive feedback on how you can improve your novel further.

I can edit any work on your budget to publishing standards.

I have a Masters of Arts degree in developmental psychology, and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I have formal training in English literature, Fine Arts, and Graphic design.
I edit general fiction, literary fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, romance, thriller, mystery, science fiction, erotica, short stories, articles, and much more. 


  • 1-2 page of reader report
  • Constructive criticism and extensive feedback
  • Sample of proofreading & light editing.

Feedback Outline
1) Does it have a strong beginning, an opening hook?
2) The pace of the story, and the first chapter- does it move too fast or too slow?
3) Sense of setting, consistence of setting
4) Does your book have descriptions of characters and places?
5) Are the characters believable? Is the protagonist relatable? Are there too many characters? Are there less characters? Character names feedback. 
6) Removing/Adding Characters and character development
7) Dialogue between characters and scenes
8) Scene & plot structure/ Any loop holes & plot discrepancies.
9) Is the ending too predictable? strong ending? Complete? 

10) Emotional reaction when reading.
11) Overall judgment. Is your novel ready for publication?

**You are welcome to contact me before ordering 🙂

$10 for 5,000 word count
$15 for 10,000 word count

$40 for 50,000-90,000 word count. 
7 days minimum delivery time