I’m a neat freak, I really am. I’m the type of person who carries a special case for their pencils and pens. My apartment is super clean as well, and I don’t like my things to get dirty or disorganized. I don’t like it when people touch my things.. and my hair. I try really hard to clean my belongings, and if someone is careless and gets them dirty, it enrages me. If there is a fingerprint on a new book, I get paranoid and I wipe the book clean. My family thinks I’m a freak, but wouldn’t you clean your phone’s screen too? 


I try to be creative, and I have many different ways of organizing my books. 
  • Height Size
  • Genre
  • Texture/ Hardcover or paperback grouping
  • Same author books grouping
  • Favorites shelf
  • TBR books shelf
  • Series grouping
  • ARC/Finished copies shelves
  • Double row in each shelf with books I like the most in the front
  • Stacking books on top of each other
I don’t classify by author’s last name, I don’t really like that, it’s a bit boring, and I can’t change my order now because I remember where I shelved each book. I have this weird habit of not letting my old books touch my new copies. You know, when you buy a new book, you wouldn’t want it to be around anything old. I love my old books too especially how they smell and crease overtime. 

I typically classify books by book size, genre, favorites, and ARC’s. I have two shelves for my cross cultural books, one shelf for fantasy books, two shelves for my favorites and others. I have three bookshelves in total. The modern bookshelf in the front is my personal favorite (the picture below) and that’s my TBR list. Those are the books I want to read next. 

how many books do you have?

I had a book collection since 15 years now. I started reading chapter books full time at the age of 11.  I’m not sure how many books I actually own, I haven’t ever really counted individually because I do giveaway some old copies once in a while. I think I own around 500 books approximately when counting the shelves.


Most of my book are personal purchases. Many are from Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Book depository, and Thriftbooks. I love the app/store Thriftbooks, you can guy used books on there for such a cheap price. They have books less for $4 on ThriftBooks, if you buy a bundle, you get free shipping. There is also a rewards program on there where you can get a FREE book A lot of my books are also review copies (finished copies and Advanced Reader Copies) and some books are gifts.

how do you guys organize your bookshelf?

I also added wallpapers on the back of the bookshelves too. I like my bookshelves modern with a white finish.

This is my current bookshelf & upgrade. 

This was my previous bookshelf from one and a half year ago.
Book shelf Inspiration that I love
Add a little creativity to your home with one of these creative bookshelf designs! Why should bookshelves be bland and boring when books offer so much value and entertainment? Who knows, maybe having a cool-looking bookshelf in your home other people in your family might want to read more!  #CreativeBookshelf #BookshelfIdeas
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