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If I Had Your Face is one new release that I’m really excited about. It popped up on my Goodreads account and the cover is so stunning. It reminds me of Memoirs Of A Geisha. Then, I saw the title, and yes, I’m definitely reading this. 
Kim Jiyoung Born 1982 looks like a beautiful, inspiring, feminist read as well. It has similar vibes to The Vegetarian.
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Once in a while, I like to pick up psychological thrillers. This one, The Bride sounds so promising. A missing bride. The cover is beautiful as well.

 My Dark Vanessa is one book that is one everyone’s TBR list. It’s about an adult recalling an “affair” with her teacher as a teenger. It was abuse, but her mature, adult mind is still stuck in her teenager mind who thought that it was romance and it was different. I actually pre-ordered my copy, but apparently, it was lost. I was refunded, fortunately, and I ordered another copy. This is literary fiction and I love character driven books!

Little Secrets, a story about a mother whose child is abducted. These kind of concepts always hit a home run since they’re so sensitive, any mother or father could relate to this. Gone Girl Viral, a bodyguard romance sounds so cute. I love finding contemporary chick literature like this. I purchased it and I’m waiting for my copy to come.
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Aaah… The Henna Wars. It’s about two rival teen girls with the henna business who fall in love, one South Asian and one Brazilian. I like that it raises awareness of the LGBT community in South Asian culture. Sin Eater, I’m always fascinated with this sin eating tast concept, eating the sins and fruits of others before their death. I have an ebook ARC of this that I have yet to read! 

For new releases, many times I download them on my kindle right away, but for some if I really like the sample or concept, I wait for the paperback version to come out. I don’t typically purchase hardcover books unless I REALLY WANT the book. Hardcovers are more expensive, bigger, and take more space in my bag and my bookshelf.

what upcoming releases are you guys excited for?